Cosmo is a specialty pharmaceutical company that aims to become a global leader in the market of optimized therapies for selected gastro-intestinal diseases. The company’s proprietary clinical development pipeline specifically addresses innovative treatments for the gastro-intestinal tract, specifically Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), colon infections and colon diagnosis. Cosmo's first product Lialda®, the first product based on Multi Matrix Technology ("MMX®"), was launched into the US market by Shire on 19 March 2007. The second product UCERIS® /Cortiment® is a locally acting corticosteroid targeted at mild to moderate Ulcerative Colitis. In the US it is licensed to Santarus/Salix/ Valeant and was launched as UCERIS® on February 13, 2013.In Europe it was approved in The Netherlands on January 31, 2013 as Cortiment® and was launched in late 2013. Ferring SA is the licensee of Cortiment® for the rest of the world. Zacol NMX®, a nutraceutical, is marketed in Italy and selected Eastern European countries. The Company’s first medical device, the SIC 8000 submucosal injectable composition for extracting polyps and adenomas, has been approved for use in the USA and is pending approval in the EU. Two product candidates for the colon are currently in clinical trials: Rifamycin SV MMX® which is in clinical phase III for infectious diarrhea and in phase II for uncomplicated diverticulitis, Methylene Blue MMX® which is in phase III. These products will address unmet needs in the diagnosis and treatment of colon diseases. This market is expected to grow, primarily because old and less effective products will be replaced by more effective ones. Cosmo’s proprietary MMX® technology is at the core of the company’s product pipeline and was developed from its expertise in formulating and manufacturing gastro-intestinal pharmaceutical products for international clients at its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities in Lainate, Milan, Italy.

In 2015 Cosmo reduced its stake in its skin subsidiary, Cassiopea SpA from 100% to 45,1% by making an initial public offering on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX).

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