MMX® Technology

Cosmo develops a range of pharmaceutical product projects that are based on its Multi Matrix MMX® technology.

The MMX® technology allows the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients into the lumen of the colon through tablets in a delayed and controlled extent with the effect that the active pharmaceutical ingredients can be applied to the full length of the colon.

The tablets manufactured according to the MMX® technology are coated with pH-resistant acrylic copolymers which delay the release until the tablet reaches the indicated intestinal location where the programmed dissolution begins. That allows for protection of the active substances from adverse pH conditions and enzymatic presence in the upper digestive tracts. The controlled release over the length of the colon not only simplifies the application for the patients but allows for the topical application of the active pharmaceutical ingredients to the whole bowel surface that is affected by inflammations.

This technology may also be used for other diseases affecting the colon and can be used as a platform for applications outside the colon where a controlled release is of importance.

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